Yale Tutors: Why Us?

We Care About Being the Best.

We look for bright, naturally talented tutors who are subject-area experts or gifted test-takers--and we make them better.

For our SAT tutors, we hire tutors who are themselves 99th percentile scorers and can ace every section of the test (we give them a sample SAT test to insure that). We then put them through a 12 hour training program with another test at the end to insure mastery of our teaching techniques. It's one thing to be able to ace a test; it's another to teach others how to ace it and the key to bridging that gap is the Yale Tutors test prep methodology/approach.

We also audit tutoring sessions, and we will on occasion assign homework to our tutors!

A Genuine and Personalized Service: We Support Our Tutors.

Most tutoring firms will assign a tutor a student and then wish them good luck--their interaction with the student beyond soliciting more business stops there.

We're the opposite. We almost never solicit business from past clients--we stay "plenty busy" with our old clients contacting us on their own. We also keep track of student progress and what and how the tutor is running sessions throughout the time anyone works with us. With any new client, a principal or coordinator will work with the tutor and student/parent(s) to create a plan of preparation or instruction based on the student's needs and goals.

If there are any problems, being tutors ourselves, we'll recommend materials and approaches to our tutors. Our tutors are never alone. We have tutors in the same subject connect to share teaching techniques; as a group, we have a trove of knowledge as to how to teach topics and tests in all sorts of subjects from our past history (which we of course share with tutors before they take on a new student).

We want every student to achieve his or her goals, and we have a bad conscience over any student who comes to us and doesn't. At Yale Tutors, we provide a genuine service. We try our best and that's evident to our clients.

Proprietary Test Prep Approach for the SAT and other Standardized Tests.

We've developed our own test prep methods and methodology for the SAT over the past seven years after being deeply unsatisfied with existing SAT prep techniques that just weren't useful nor relevant for the new SAT. We've since applied much of our approach to SAT prep to other tests including the ACT, GRE, GMAT, LSAT, ERB, SSAT & more.

Pay for Great Tutoring, Not a Brand Name.

We have to our knowledge the most fair pay structure for tutors of any premium tutoring firm in the areas we serve. For the same billable rate, a tutor will earn more than double tutoring with Yale Tutors than she would tutoring with Kaplan or the Princeton Review or any other "brand-name" driven firm. Those companies have high-turnover built into their business models--they'd rather pay less and suffer higher turnover among tutors.

Yale Tutors works differently. We look for tutors to stay with us for a long, long time--we don't want superb tutors to leave us. We expect a lot from our tutors and reciprocate by compensating our tutors both very well and very fairly.

Flexible, In-Home Tutoring with Constant Support.

We offer flexible scheduling. We'll generally come to meet your son or daughter in your home--to save you from another trip in what we're sure is a busy schedule.

We do our best to support our students all the time, even outside formal tutoring sessions. A coordinator will always be available to discuss any issues at almost any time. We (tutors and particularly coordinators) are available out-of-session for our students via e-mail, phone as well of course for emergency in-person sessions. We expect our students to work hard, and we're there to support them as they do.