Yale Tutors Rates


Yale Tutors' rates vary depending on the location of the student. They begin at $90/hour for K-8 students, $100/hour for high school students, and $110/hour for college and post-college students.


We generally travel to you (hence offering in-home tutoring). We currently serve the greater NYC, LA, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Baltimore areas.

If you're outside the areas we serve but would still like to work with us (very good idea!), you have a few options. We offer phone tutoring which, particularly for test prep, can be very effective. We offer e-mail/phone services for writing/editing. We are also able in theory to travel almost anywhere in the world, call us to discuss your needs.


Our Principals, responsible for curriculum development and management of the firm, work with a limited number of students. Rates for Principals begin at $175/hour.

Rate Flexibility.

We are able to offer slightly lower rates for enrichment learning. For long-term (two-month or more) commitments in which payment is made in advance, we can offer a slight discount to the above rates.

Financial Aid.

We are committed to working with every single motivated student who contacts us and regularly offer substantially discounted rates depending on family income. You will have to supply us with some proof of income and assets. Again, please do contact us if you need assistance, we want to work with every motivated student.


Payment should be made at the time of service or in advance via cash or check. All checks should be made out to "Yale Tutors", and cash and checks should be given directly to your tutor.