Meet A Few Tutors

Here are brief profiles of a few of us:

Alok Bhardwaj. Alok earned a degree in philosophy from Princeton University and has worked in finance, art, academic research, and education. As the only founding member still with Yale Tutors, he's responsible for day-to-day operations, though he left full-time tutoring in 2007 to start a software company in India (Hidden Reflex). He specialized in test prep tutoring, but also worked with students in a range of academic subjects including writing, mathematics and MBA coursework. One of my favorite moments was when one of my adult writing students called me and breathlessly told me that he had been asked to start and edit a newsletter by his employer (in the request they complemented him on his writing skills).

Drew Abrams. Drew earned a BS in Physics, MA in Physics, and MA in History, all at the University of Rochester. He is currently pursuing a PhD in Physics and History, also through the University of Rochester. His research focuses on the introduction of group theoretical techniques into quantum mechanics. At Yale Tutors, Drew teaches physics, mathematics, history, writing, and SAT test prep. One of the most fulfilling experiences I have had tutoring was when I worked with a college student taking physics and calculus. He had to work two jobs in order to pay for school, and he had very little time to focus on his studies. Despite his hectic schedule, he managed to get a 4.0. I was even able to help him get a paid research job over the summer so that he could build his resume and save money, allowing him to work only one job during the following school year.

Jason Siegel. Jason earned his Bachelor's Degree in Linguistics from Brown University and has worked in film, research, and education. In between frequent trips abroad, Jason enjoys writing, music, and film. He specializes in test prep tutoring--SAT, ACT, SSAT, ISEE, GRE, GMAT, and LSAT--but has also taught a variety of other subjects, including writing, mathematics, and literature. One of my favorite moments was getting a student paper in the mail which was, to my surprise, edited brilliantly by a former student.

Steve McFarland. Steve earned his Masters in City Planning from Cornell University and has worked in documentary film, television, academic research, and education. He begins his studies for a PhD in Urban Geography in Fall 2008. His documentary on the lives of golf caddies was screened in film festivals across the country. Steve specializes in test prep tutoring and writing. One of my proudest tutoring moments was when an SAT student called me on the way to the auto dealership-- his parents had promised to buy him a car if he cracked 700 on the Reading section, and he did it.

Yun Lee Too. Yun Lee is a classicist who received a PhD from King's College, Cambridge. She has taught at Cambridge, the University of Liverpool and Columbia University. Her particular research interest is ancient Greek intellectual culture and she has published 7 books in that area. She is happy to tutor both Greek and Latin in a relaxed style. It makes her day when students tell her that she has made the subject enjoyable and fun for them; they also usually raise their grades significantly.