College Admissions Essay

College Admissions Essay and Personal Statement Editing Services


We recommend all students applying to high school, college or graduate school get help editing their essays (you need a perspective on your writing)–whether with us, another firm, your teachers, or your counselors. We’ve published our admissions essay writing process which can be applied to personal statement or any other admissions essay preparation. You’re free of course to follow our process on your own or with your teacher, counselor, or another tutor. Most of the time, your english teacher or guidance counselor will have a fair amount of experience reading admissions essays and will be ready to read your work and give you feedback.

Yale Tutors Editing Services

Yales Tutors offers admissions essay editing services for high school, college and graduate school admissions essay preparation. We use our admissions essay writing process which means that your time with a tutor is spent judiciously, and this makes this service quite affordable. Generally, you’ll e-mail us your work and the tutor will edit it and return it to you, usually following up with a brief phone conversation. All editing and phone time is billed, but since we don’t have to travel to you, we bill by the minute so to speak–you pay for exactly as much time as the tutor takes (you don’t have to do minimum 1 or 2 hour sessions). An iteration of a few essay drafts and some comments will require between 10-30 minutes early on. Later on, it may take a bit more time when the tutor’s making sentence and paragraph revisions. The number of iterations on an essay until it’s “done” varies, but in practice it usually takes two to three hours of aggregate tutoring time to get there (including all billable time). To enroll in this service, payment needs to be made in advance for at least one hour of service. If you’d like to know more or to get started, please contact us!